If you are a PlusToken user, you should definitely take a look at this page!
4 simple Stepps
1. APP Download
2. Open APP and click "Create Account"
3. Enter Referral Code 0895726682
4. Follow the instructions to complete the registration
You need to set login details and a payout password
The huge advantage of being Plus Token member
If you joined PlusToken before April 2019 you now have a huge advantage! Because you can now start almost free with Cloud Token. We will tell you exactly how that works in a personal call!

Important introduction
The Cloud Token Wallet app is only a few days old and this article is by no means equal to a competition. It should point out much more that the market is still in its infancy and that progress does not stop there. The Plus Token Wallet app was without a doubt the first to be launched and has been on the market for more than 12 months!

To be flexible
We have a lot of great opportunities in the crypto currency market. So always keep your eyes open and don't act according to the Highlander motto: "There can only be one". This is a huge chance!

Exclusive for Plus Token Member
We have a great tip for everyone who uses PlusToken for more than 2 months! In a personal conversation we will explain to you how you can also generate free revenue from the Cloud Token App!
With this possibility you have almost no risk anymore.

Risk Warning
Whether cloud tokens, plus tokens or other options on the market, we do not recommend investing money that is urgently needed for life. In the crypto market you should go by the motto "No Risk - No Fun". Only those who risk something, can eventually belong to the big winners! If you do not risk anything, you will never be able to count on big profits.
Clearly Cloud Token App brings daily joy...
Cloud Token Referral Code
Daily profits with the Cloud Token App!
Once set up, you can enjoy daily revenue from the app!
Trading your Coins
In the background all deposits are traded. A portion of these winnings will go into an Ethereum Pool from which your earnings will be paid out! The company still retains all earnings. This transparency is awesome for marketing purposes. You can withdraw at any time!
Your friends win - you too!
Share your story with friends. Because if your friends also use the app, you increase your profit. It's a bonus you can get. You can also use it for yourself alone. My friends use my cloud token referral code when signing up:

The most important facts about Plus Token

  • Start 01.05.2018 - almost 13 months on the market
  • Value of a plus token to start $ 0.40 - as of today = $ 83.79
  • Daily return about 0.33% (+/- fluctuations depending on market conditions)
  • App for Android and iOS User online.
  • Referral link cellphone number without 0 before Plus Token
  • Marketing plan roughly, see picture:

The most important facts about Cloud Token

  • Start 12.04.2019 - a few weeks on the market
  • Value of a Cloud Token to Start $ 0.30 - Today's Level = $ 0.345
  • Daily return about 0.33% (+/- fluctuations depending on market conditions)
  • App for Android and iOS User online.
  • Referral Link 10 Digit Number Codes
  • The Cloud Token app is more modern than Plus Token
  • Marketing plan roughly see picture:
Plus Token unfortunately has only two pages with little information. Here you can download the apps for Android and iOS. Unfortunately you do not get any further information.

You can find the pages for the Plus Token APP here:
Only accessible with smartphone!
Android Version:
iOS Version:
Cloud Token has a different strategy than Plus Token and tries to keep its members up to date.
There are many "official videos" here. Cloud Token has a very informative page, where you can download the apps for Android and iOS down and get a lot more information.
The page for the Cloud Token APP can be found here:
Cloud Token Referral Code
Cloud Token Referral Code
Cloud Token Referral Code 0895726682 
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