Only 1% of the world's population knows Blockchain and cryptocurrencies 70% of cryptocurrency owners barely use cryptos for payments


QuickX brings Cryptos into everyday life!

Quickx has launched its MVP Multi Currency Wallet. The use of cryptocurrencies is thus suitable for everyday use.

What is QuickX

QuickX is a novel protocol that eliminates many serious bugs that hinder the mass adoption of cryptocurrency today.

The biggest problems in the crypto area have been one Beat solved:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Fee Structure
  • Scalability
  • direct transfer between the cryptos

    It performs off-chain transactions on the same blockchain assets and uses pooling moderators to provide liquidity for cross-chain transfers of crypto assets. No longer waiting times; With QuickX, you can now instantly execute transactions on all your Blockchain assets.

QuickX Benefits

1. Time: Transaction speed is greatly accelerated, allowing for thousands of transactions per second.

2. Costs: Transaction fees are minimal as the transactions do not require confirmation from the miners and no fees need to be paid to the node operators.

3. Scalability: There are few limitations on timing, communication and memory requirements.

4. Cross-Chain Transfer: The interoperability issue between different cryptocurrencies is resolved by linking different blockchains together and combining the benefits of different cryptocurrencies.

5. Micropayment: Even very small payments, so-called micro payments, are possible.

6. Pay with cryptos and receive Fiat: With QuickX, you can send cryptos and the recipient will immediately receive Fiat at negligible transaction fees.

Former Finance Minister and European Commissioner John Dalli joins the QuickX Advisory Board.

QuickX Advisor John Dalli (Former Minister of Finance of Malta and ex-EU Commissioner) Former Finance Minister of Malta and ex-EU Commissioner John Dalli is a member of QuickX's advisory board and his network will support the company.
quickx ehre für KSHITIJ ADHLAKHA

Honorary COO of QuickX

The QuickX COO, KSHITIJ ADHLAKHA, received an honorary doctorate for his work on blockchain from EDU-USA - the only university dedicated to blockchain training alone dedicated. At the same time he was appointed Global Blockchain Ambassador of the University.
QuickX also has an interesting affiliate program for referral about the company "Crypto Advice"
(CryptoAdvice is part of the $ 500 million Mended Minds LTD and an exclusive partner of QuickX for the affiliate system)
Secugenius- QuickX Dach
Coin Debitcard von QuickX Protocol
QuickX parent company Secugenius

The Indian company Secugenius is the parent company for the product QuickX, a renowned cyber security company. which provides effective and reliable information security services since 2010.

Secugenius is among the top 5 cybersecurity companies in India and has clients around the world.

In 2016 Secugenius began research on Blockchain and a short time later the QuickX project was born.

For the development of the new platform, investors raised $ 1.2 million in 2017.
Company QuickX
Headquarters of QuickX: Malaysia
Financial seat: Malta (under EU law)

The Executive:
Kshitij Adhlakha (COO)
Vaibhav Adhlakha (CEO)
Nageela R (CTO)

The advisor group: u.a.
John Dalli (former Minister of Finance Malta)
George Kimionis (CEO Coinomi)
Jorge Sebastiao (CTO Ecosystem Huawai Technologies)
Mourad Redjan (SEO Smart Chain Technology)
OZ SULTAN (board member of the Homeland Security Foundation of America)

Supply components

Own Token QCX listing on WorldCoinIndex

Trading the QCX at Exchanges:

1 QuickX Pay (Crypto prepaid cards)
2 QuickX Touch (Slimmest hardware wallet)
3 Payment Gateway (solution for providers who accept crypto payments and deposit fiat money into their account)

White Paper QuickX Protocol: Version 1.8 Affiliate Program via Crypto Advice Start World Sales: March 2, 2019

Overview of Your Benefits with QuickX

1 Be in the early days of the crypto revolution
2 Be the first to use the new payment option
3 Start business building immediately
4 Advertising increase QCX tokens experience
5 Secure fiat money in cryptos 2019